Airplanes Social Media Bible study Shoes Eye doctor Traffic Conflict What does these have in common? They are all things that I have allowed to make me anxious in the past two weeks. One thing that I’ve found is that having peace is so valuable. According to a Google search, most women will live about 81.1…

In this Dark World, Make Sure Your Light Shines Brighter

It was a stereotypical Monday morning. You know, the type of Monday where everything was going wrong. I woke up late after I turned off my alarm on accident. My dad didn’t fill up the car with gas after he drove it the night before. I didn’t factor in time for unexpected circumstances (like no gas)….

Living on Feelings and Finding Truth – Guest Post – Jessi Schafer

Ever since I can remember, every thing I did stemmed from my feelings. I quit a job because I felt overwhelmed. I changed my major because I didn’t feel inspired. I said things I shouldn’t because that’s how I felt. I left relationships because I didn’t “feel” anymore. I let my feelings guide me everywhere….

When God’s Promises Disappear

I began this post prepared to write about another summer adventure. I had promised to write about my summer shenanigans and provide y’all with the insight that God gave me at each leg of the journey. So, I wrote about how God spoke to me in Tennessee at the bottom of a waterfall, when He…

God Always Answers

Hello there, friends! The craziness that is life has finally slowed down, which means regularly scheduled blogs are coming back your way! Just as an update into what I’m currently studying and reading, as each play a part in today’s post… I’m studying the book of Romans and just finished Romans 8. I finished No…