Airplanes Social Media Bible study Shoes Eye doctor Traffic Conflict What does these have in common? They are all things that I have allowed to make me anxious in the past two weeks. One thing that I’ve found is that having peace is so valuable. According to a Google search, most women will live about 81.1…

In this Dark World, Make Sure Your Light Shines Brighter

It was a stereotypical Monday morning. You know, the type of Monday where everything was going wrong. I woke up late after I turned off my alarm on accident. My dad didn’t fill up the car with gas after he drove it the night before. I didn’t factor in time for unexpected circumstances (like no gas)….

Living on Feelings and Finding Truth – Guest Post – Jessi Schafer

Ever since I can remember, every thing I did stemmed from my feelings. I quit a job because I felt overwhelmed. I changed my major because I didn’t feel inspired. I said things I shouldn’t because that’s how I felt. I left relationships because I didn’t “feel” anymore. I let my feelings guide me everywhere….

When God’s Promises Disappear

I began this post prepared to write about another summer adventure. I had promised to write about my summer shenanigans and provide y’all with the insight that God gave me at each leg of the journey. So, I wrote about how God spoke to me in Tennessee at the bottom of a waterfall, when He…

Summer Travels Part One – Tennessee

As I’ve mentioned in the About section on my blog website, I am a Georgia peach! 🙂 I live in the middle of that great state, and I love every minute of living there. BUT I have a heart for travel, and so once my “summer break” started, I found myself crossing state lines. The…