Silent Wednesdays – Guest Post – Megan White

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Hello! Welcome to this blog, which is not written by Macey. Sorry to disappoint you all this time around, but I am a guest writer. My name is Megan, very nice to meet you!

When my best friend asked me to be a guest writer on her new blog, I was super excited. For years, I’ve felt that writing has been an outlet for me and a way for me to serve God through what I’ve felt is a special talent.

So, naturally I could think of nothing to write and didn’t even approach my computer, much less write divinely inspired words from God to the masses.

No matter how hard I prayed for a message, how much I tried to read into every line of my devotions to hear the message God was surely trying to give me, all I received in return was complete and utter silence. I never felt like I had heard from God. Until I realized that not hearing from Him was the very message He wanted me to get out there. It’s a phenomenon known as “silent Wednesday”, and it refers to times when you feel like God has left you completely and utterly alone. Times when, no matter how much you seem to call out to him, you never receive the answer you are desperate to hear. Sound familiar? I think that just about everyone has experienced a silent Wednesday or two in their journey through life.

The History Behind It

So why Wednesday? The name comes from passion week, which is the Passover week that culminated in the crucifixion of Jesus. It’s called “silent Wednesday” because literally every other day of that week had something going on, but none of the four Gospels give us any idea of what could have been going on right in the middle of what was arguably the most important week in all of history. There was no sermon from Jesus, no activity from the disciples, no healing, no miracle… nothing. Completely silent. Historians and scholars can only speculate as to what was happening that day. Did Christ continue to preach in the temple, or did he spend one last day alone with his disciples and friends? Did he go to the mount and pray in solitude? Why did Christ choose to seemingly spend one entire day silent when he knew he had so little time left?

The Inspirational Part of the Story

The fact is, it doesn’t matter what Jesus did or didn’t do that day. If it did, then it wouldn’t be a silent Wednesday and the Gospels would have laid out that day step by step just like the others. What matters is that the silence of that day is still resonating two thousand years later in our hearts. It is a solemn reminder that while God never leaves us or forsakes us (Deuteronomy 31:6), there are times when we are to be still and wait for Him rather than continue to move forward. There are times when the silence is necessary, both to reflect on where we have been and for God to prepare the way for what is to come.

See, Jesus never left Jerusalem that Wednesday. He was still there with his disciples, right by their side just as he had been since riding in on a colt to celebration on Palm Sunday. He just wasn’t active. It wasn’t time for him to move forward yet, and it wasn’t time for his disciples to understand the hardship that was to come just two days later. I can imagine the disciples were a little confused, as well. I mean, think of what had been jammed into the last three days! Sunday they had entered Jerusalem in a whirlwind of praise (Luke 19:28-44). Monday, Jesus had cleared the temple of those who had made it a “den of robbers” (Luke 19:45-48). Tuesday brought with it one of the most inspirational sermons Christ ever delivered, the Sermon on the Mount (Luke 20:1-21:36). They probably woke up Wednesday expecting even greater things still- then they got silence. Nothing worthy of note was done that day. I’m sure they even asked Jesus what they were going to do that day, or what his plans were. It’s human to do that. It’s also human to be disappointed with nothing of note happens, as I’m sure some of them were. Could you imagine Peter, as riled as he gets in Scripture, being all pumped up from the last miraculous few days and then told to sit down?

There are times in between though, when we also are in the same place the disciples found themselves that day. Where we have come so far on our journey with Christ that we are ready to just keep moving on and on and on.

Then all of a sudden our GPS stops giving us directions and we don’t know where to go anymore. If we keep moving forward, we risk taking a wrong turn and becoming completely lost. But are we really supposed to just stop altogether? “God, what are we supposed to do now?” Silence and disappointment.

But see, God already knows what is to come. Although we feel completely alone and isolated, God is right there still. Just like Jesus was with the disciples. He couldn’t tell them what was to come just yet. If he did, it may have altered the course of the Father’s will. It may have allowed Satan to gain a foothold in the disciples in a way that didn’t need to happen. Satan had to take Judas, but could you imagine what would have happened if Peter knew beforehand that Jesus would be arrested on Friday (Luke 22:63-23:56)? So he kept it to himself and just didn’t do anything but be with them for a time.

Though of course they didn’t realize it at the time, Jesus was preparing them for what was to come in the next four days with his arrest, death, burial, and resurrection. What had come before was miraculous, but what was to come was treacherous, and Jesus knew that the timing had to be absolutely perfect for the plan to work. The same thing is true of us today. Every day that we walk with God is full of miracles. Just that we get to walk daily with Him is a miracle in itself. But sometimes there are battles to come that we don’t foresee. God does, however, and He knows that the time is not right for us to hear from Him yet.

Friends, you are never alone, even when you can’t hear God. He is always there by your side, waiting to walk hand in hand with you down a path that He has designed specifically for you. There will be silent Wednesdays. There will be times when you cry out to God and there is no answer. But never let the devil tell you that there is no answer because there is no one there. God is always there, even in the silence. So, “be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret” (Psalm 37:7). Use the silent times to meditate and store into your heart the promises of God. I promise you, when the time comes for the silence to be broken, you will hear the Lion of Judah roaring just as powerful as ever before. You will once again be moving forward with the voice of God to guide you every step of the way. Just remember that God is still there in the silence, and Thursday will come soon enough.

Thank you for reading my two cents of inspiration today. Macey will return next time for the regularly scheduled programming. Thank you to those who read this post, and thank you my dear heart sister for letting me take part in this wonderful ministry of yours!

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